M&S Confectionery Packaging Brief

This is a re-design brief for M&S confectionery packaging. My concept involves looking into the different time periods the sweets were first invented and brought onto shelves. For my packaging design I wanted to bring the vibrancy and illustrative, hand made look M&S put forward in a lot of their products. I decided to create patterns which could be used across a range of different outcomes to bring the confectionery promotion together. My over all design is a box sleeve which is made out of recycled cardboard and a plastic bag sits inside, the customer can easily view the sweets from the packaging and nutritional information is provided in a clear but fun way. I developed the patterns across the range and placed them in various outcomes such as in-store advertising and promotional bags to link the concept together. The aim of the packaging is to provide a range that sits together well on the shelf but also stands out from other brands. The hand made and luxury feel gives the packaging a unique but clear over all design.


As well as creating a new, fun and vibrant range for the store, I thought it would be interesting to involve a digital aspect to the promotion. A screen would be situated near the suitable aisles within the shop. Customers would be able to choose different patterns linking back to the product and find information and nutritional values about particular sweets. The screen would also allow customers to view current offers in-store and online taking them to the Marks and Spencer site where they could find further information about the ideas behind the new packaging.



Poster mock up: http://blog.spoongraphics.co.uk/articles/20-free-psd-templates-to-mockup-your-poster-designs
Bag mock up: http://canvas.pantone.com/gallery/20035899/Free-Eco-Bag-Mock-Up


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