YCN Whistles

This brief was to design a concept and campaign for a first ever Whistles scent.

Looking at the over all brand Whistles hold a simple, elegant and stylish brand feeling which I wanted to keep incorporated into the over all design. I wanted to highlight the simplicity and design into the fragrance packaging and scent. As a customer that shops at Whistles the brand have a intelligent and edgy feel that is what a lot of consumers like about the brand. Whistles stated in the brief that the fragrance should appeal to the intelligent, independent women which is what I took into consideration for the look and feel for the campaign.

For the design I looked into imagery in fashion and everyday culture and montaged these together on photoshop and illustrator to create some designs I thought worked well with the packaging. I wanted to emphasise the idea of being independent and relaxed and allowing the fragrance to bring your identity and colour out.

I decided to call the fragrance ‘blanc’ this is to emphasise how you as the consumer can use the perfume how you want and where you want, highlighting the independent and relaxed attitude of the target audience. This name also works with the simplicity factor I wanted to incorporate into the design. ‘How would you wear it’ suggests that the perfume is simple but yet it can be incorporated into your own personal style.

For the packaging I went for a relaxed look with a lot of white, and a floral colour pallet to appeal to the target audience and bring across the scent of the fragrance. I decided to make it a spring campaign so the fragrance would highlight these floral scents without it being too heavy and keeping it light and subtle to suit the brand.

In terms of advertising and marketing, I mocked up a magazine advert which would appear in fashion and beauty magazines as well as bus stop poster which would appear near shopping centres and central city locations to appeal to the consumer market. Moreover in store I felt re-bradning the store bag would be a great way to get the new fragrance across as well as showing a poster in the shop window to gain awareness of the campaign. Moreover I also mocked up a design on the website which visitors would click on to access the collection online along with information about the new Whistles fragrance.




concept copy

design copythe label copyScreen Shot 2015-01-03 at 18.28.52packaging 2 copyScreen Shot 2015-01-03 at 18.31.04In store and online copy


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