YCN Fedrigoni Brief

This brief was presented on the YCN website for a large paper manufacturer, Fedrigoni. The brief highlighted that they wanted a marketing tool to promote their new Sirio Ultra Black range which is a new range of black pulp papers which are 20% darker than the Sirio black already. The paper is extremely light resistant and easy to use when applying hot foils. Fedrigoni emphasise that ‘paper can be pressed, bent, cut and folded into almost any form you can imagine’ moreover Fedrigoni papers are ‘ultra functional’ and ‘expressive’ bringing forward the creative and imaginative side to paper, this is something I wanted to put forward in my idea.


For my outcome I decided to work with paper and create something from the paper as this is what I felt suited the brief. I looked into what paper is used for and what the main benefits of paper were and I decided that paper is used for creative thinking and getting ideas down. Its something we can put ideas on. Following on from this I looked into what we associate with black and looked into various ideas but liked the idea of a dark horse/knights chess piece. I felt I could express this with creative thinking similar to how you think in a game of chess but using Fedrigoni’s Siro Ultra Black as a ‘scope for bold thinking’.

I made a series of advertisements which emphasise the idea of bold thinking and creativity with the paper, also keeping the medium of delicacy and functionality of Fedrigoni paper itself. The outcomes would appear in creative and design magazines as well as Fedrigoni’s website, highlighting awareness of the range to the creative target audience.

Outcome fedrigoni outcome for websitemagazine 2 copy


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