Macro Trend Brief

For this brief I chose to research Generation I which is a fast and growing global trend. Generation I focusses on the digital natives of today and emphasises how people and children are becoming more and more reliant and emerged in technology. Children today are being born into the digital age where technology is thrown at them as well as young adults being reliant on technology every minute of the day. To me there are positives and negatives, technology today allows everyone to stay connected and you can design and create yourself. However I decided that people are increasingly becoming less engaged with what is around them.


I decided to create a simple advertisement encouraging people to explore more outside, not only to engage more with what is around them but remind them that there is still more to ‘explore offline’ and ‘connect with nature’. The advertisement would be aimed at young adults and parents with children to help engage those of generation I. I decided to brand it with national trust to aim to get families out and about and less reliant on technology.

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explore more offline connect with natureinteract with outdoors

bus stop 2


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